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Welcome to We have hand picked the best free virtual worlds to be shown here. So all of the research is already done for you. You just have to try them out and see what you like.

The sections are categorized in the following way: kids (games mainly for children under 8 years old), tweens (for ages 8–12), teens (for ages 13–17), adults, boys and girls. You can play all of these virtual worlds for free

Many virtual worlds are 3D but some are just two dimensional. Some require that the game is installed on your computer while others don't need any installation, but are played on your web browser.

Runescape and other MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) are different from traditional virtual worlds in the sense that they offer quests and battles. For every completed task you are given experience points and other rewards such as gold.

Some virtual worlds let you to trade and sell items to other players. Some games even allow the ingame virtual currency to be exchanged to real life currency, such as dollars or euros.

The size of the worlds is always expanding. The more people there are, the bigger space they need to live in. Huge active user bases are the cause to high server loads. These virtual worlds are hosted on many computer servers around the world. It's quite expensive for the owners to have them run and maintained continuously so they need to collect some funds. Virtual worlds are monetized by sponsors or by charging fees in exchange for useful extra features (for example, new clothes or equipment). Some worlds place advertisements while some just sell space for ads. Like in Second Life you can buy land and build your own structures and advertising. Many big companies already have virtual offices.

The game speed and performance depends on the activity players are facing (battles, video streaming etc). Of course depending on the game, your own internet connection and computer speed are the deciding factor on your gaming. So be sure to check the system requirements before delving into any world. Sometimes it's good to adjust the ingame graphics (resolution etc.) to get the best out of the virtual world.

Games like Second Life have an easy control panel that enables you to customize the features you need. So you can lower the need to show buildings and other surroundings. Only the critical features will be shown and the game will run much smoother.

While most log in to virtual worlds to have fun, some are looking to make friends (or hang out with existing ones). Some like to talk about real life matters and share their personal stuff, while others tend to immerse themselves into their imaginary character. You can keep in touch with your distant friends and family via free virtual chat. In addition to typing text, some games offer VOIP (voice over IP), which of course requires a headset or a microphone.

Free virtual reality offers a nice "breakation" when you need to get out of your normal life. In virtual worlds you can be whoever or whatever you like. You can travel to places you could never afford. You can do things you might not be able to do. So if you happen to be in a wheel chair only being able to move your upper body, you can go to a virtual world to ballroom dance and not break a sweat.