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Second Life

Second Life is the most popular free virtual world for adults. It is a great place for chatting with friends and meeting new people. In addition to socializing, Second Life offers a lot of fun activities. You can play games, listen to music, watch videos, explore beautiful virtual environments and even make money.

Chatting can be done either by typing or by talking. You need a microphone to use voice. Most users prefer to type, at least in the public areas.

You move your avatar with arrow keys and mouse. The view is from behind the avatar, but you can also have the first person view (looking from the eyes of the character). You are not limited to just the area around your avatar. You can move the viewing area and see what other people are saying and doing without them knowing you are there. Avatars can walk, run or even fly. You can also move instantly from one area to another by teleporting. Although, it can take a while before everything looks normal. This is because it takes time to load the surroundings and avatar items. To get the best gaming experience you need a good computer and a fast internet connection.

Second Life is a good environment for virtual relationships. It offers an easy platform for avatar animations, such as dancing. You can do pretty much anything, if you are creative enough (or just buy custom solutions to your needs).

Most users are adults, but there are some teens playing, too. Different areas have different maturity levels. General (G) is suitable for everyone, Moderate (M) allows some adult content and Adult (A) area is limited to those who have particularly expressed their need to view and experience adult activities. By default you can access general and moderate content. If you want to view adult content and areas, you need to verify your age.

Basic things such as movement and chatting are easy to do. But there are so many features in SL, that you need to dedicate a lot of time to learn it all. Fortunately there are some interactive tutorials. Additionally you can go to YouTube and watch instructional videos made by regular users and Linden Lab (the company behind SL) employees.

All accounts come with a selection of premade avatars. You can change your appearance at any point with just one click. If you get bored with the looks of the premade avatars you can create your own. Changing the avatar's appearance is somewhat difficult. An avatar is made of many parts, which all act differently. It takes time to learn to use the menus and the individual controls in them. But once you learn how to do it, your avatar can be modified very precisely and you get a very natural look. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can buy individual avatar parts or even whole avatars. Good designers make money by selling their stuff in their inworld shops and on the marketplace, which can be found from the website.

You can also buy a membership account, if you want. It includes the rights to own land and build a house. Members also get slightly better customer support, although this is not officially mentioned anywhere.

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The world of IMVU is made up of rooms. There is no world map. Every room can have somewhere around 10 people. And you can be in many rooms at the same time.

You can only move to certain spots inside the rooms. Well actually, some places are not rooms, but open areas, like beaches. You move your avatar with clicks of the mouse from one spot to another. Some spots are just for standing, while others are for special animations, such as dancing. Possible spots are marked with a yellow spot, seen when hovering on the screen with your mouse.

None of the spots tell you what, if anything, is going to happen, before you click it. But you can usually guess beforehand. For example, if you see a dance floor with available spots, you can be pretty sure your avatar is going to dance, if you go there. If you happen to be on a beach and see a surfing board, then the most likely animation is surfing. The movement cannot be controlled since it is predefined and automated. Depending on the animation you either stay on the same place the whole time (for example, dancing), return to the same place (roller coast) or move to another location (walk on the beach).

Every user has their own room. It comes with some basic furniture and decorations. To add excitement, you can buy features (like kissing) from the catalog, which is the marketplace of IMVU. You can also buy bigger areas, such as beaches. But as a beginner, you might want to spend time in rooms created by other users.

There are many ways to find people to chat with. The best way is to search for rooms by interest. If you want to dance, search for dancing. If you are into role-playing, such as vampire stuff, search for vampire. Be sure to read the room info before you enter. Some rooms mention specifically, that they don't want newbies around. And depending on the theme, you might be required to have a certain type of clothing. For example, many ballrooms require a formal suit or a dress.

Communication is done by typing. Chat bubbles appear above the avatars and also in the chat log on the lower left of the screen. A whisper function enables you to have a private conversation with another person.

VIP account is 10 dollars monthly, although the actual prize is about five dollars, because VIPs get 5000 credits per month. VIP members can create and thus moderate up to 10 rooms. A free account can only have one. Free accounts can only whisper to VIPs, whereas VIPs can whisper to everyone. VIPs also get rid of the Guest-prefix in their name. There is also an AP (access pass) account, which gives access to rooms containing adult content. It costs a one time fee of 20 dollars. If you are into adult activities, you better get it.

Changing the look of your avatar is quite easy, but costs money. Fortunately, every account is given a number of promotional (initial) credits. You can earn more by completing tasks given by IMVU. These assignments range from taking care of your own virtual pet to actual work of reviewing catalog items (peer reviews) and answering surveys. You can also make money by creating and selling avatar clothing and items at the IMVU catalog. Skilled creators can make good money. As always, the quickest way to get what you want is to use real money.

IMVU has a selection of fun games. Some are played alone, while others are multiplayer games. For example, Draw My Thing is a witty game where you need to make others guess the correct word by you drawing a picture.

IMVU can be tough for newbies. A new member might get kicked out of a room without a reason. This is because rooms are moderated by their creators, who are users just like you. Just remember to be positive and not get upset. Eventually you will find great people to talk to. If you want new friends, just start chatting with strangers. Don't worry about making a fool of yourself. There are thousands of new users registering every single day for you to mess with. And in the worst case scenario, you can just create a new account.

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