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Pixie Hollow

In this Disney's magical free virtual world your character is a fairy (or a sparrow man, if you are a boy). You can chat with other players by using premade answers, like "hello." But a better way is to type your own text. Some words are filtered and you cannot type numbers. But there are clever ways around this. For example, the number one can be communicated by typing something like OpeNEr.

There are some fantastic mini games that you can play alone or with friends. While playing you might also find some money. Money is in the form of leaves, flowers and seeds. You can buy items and even additional game features. By visiting different places you earn cool badges.

Pixie Hollow is recommended for 5–12 year olds. Most players are girls, but there are always a few boys around, too. The game is a safe way for children to learn social skills.

From a boy's point of view, this is one of the best virtual worlds for chatting with girls. In most other virtual worlds girls are somewhat cold. In Pixie Hollow however, a boy gets surrounded by girls craving for his attention. After a few hours of playing a boy might have tens of girlfriends. This is something a girl needs to understand and not get upset, if a boy loses interest in her. What a boy needs to do is not to accept all the friend requests at the beginning. When a girl flies over and gives a boy her heart, a boy needs to take control of the situation and slow things down a bit. Talk to each other, have fun and only then take things further, if you feel like it (or just stay friends).

Pixie Hollow is played on your web browser.

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Barbie Girls

Suitable for girls over 6 years old. Girls under thirteen should ask permission from their parents in order to play.

You play as a virtual barbie. You can decorate your own room and invite friends to visit. Friends can only visit when you are in your room. Payed VIP members have some additional features. For example, they can have a pet and get access to new areas.

There's a feature allowing your parents to restrict your gaming. It's called "B Smart Pact." It's for your own online safety.

There are three different kinds of chat types...

  • B Chat is for all users. You chat by choosing pre-written words.
  • Super B Chat requires a permission from your parents (an email will be sent to the email address you gave in the registration process) and you can type your own words. Super B Chat can only be used with other players who have Super B Chat.
  • Secret B Chat requires a parent's permission, too. It's meant for real life friends. You add real life friends by plugging your real life barbie device to the USB port of your friends computer.

It's easy to make new friends by chatting and then adding them as a friend. Then afterwards you can hang out or have parties together.

If someone offends you or uses inappropriate language you can block them or even report them to site moderators.

The money used in Barbie Girls is called B Bucks. You can earn it by playing games and doing other activities. Money can be used for buying extra features for your barbie. Free registered users can only earn B Bucks... they cannot spend them until they get a VIP membership or buy a physical Barbie Girl device.

Barbie Girls is played on your web browser.

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Stardoll is a virtual paper doll game. You have your own virtual doll which you can customize to look as pretty as you like. You can chat and do things together with other players.

Once you create an account at you get one room and some basic features for your doll. By default you get 45 "stardollars" and earn one dollar every day that you have logged in to your account. You can spend the money on additional rooms, decorations, furniture and clothes.

Clothes can be bought at the shopping center StarPlaza and you can try them on before buying.

You can also play games on Stardoll. There are four games to play and it costs five stardollars to have gaming access for one day. There are also some games that by playing you earn stardollars. These earned stardollars have to be used during the same day or they'll vanish.

Stardoll is played on your web browser.

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