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Free Virtual Worlds For Tweens

Tweens are between childhood and teen. Thus the name tween. Here are the most popular free virtual worlds for tweens (ages 8–12 years).

Hello Kitty Online (HKO)

Hello Kitty Online is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) for kids and tweens. Your mission is to help Hello Kitty and her friends who are under mysterious dark power.

Fighting is accomplished by using nearby objects as weapons. Every monster has a special card that they might drop once defeated in a battle. These cards give you the ability to make the monster become your pet. Pets provide you with different benefits.

Instead of being just another fighting MMOG (massively multiplayer online game), HKO focuses mainly on crafting (creating items) and collecting resources. You can buy items or create them yourself. In order to craft you need to collect resources. Different types of resources can be collected by mining, planting, woodcutting and by gathering. These are called resource collection skills. You'll have to choose one primary and one secondary skill to focus on. The ability levels of the chosen skills can be raised higher than of those not selected. There are also four item crafting skills: tools/weapons, clothes, furniture and cooking.

You can trade with other players and buy items with money. In the beginning of the game you are given a farm, which you'll work on to produce food resources. By farming you get something to sell.

There's a discussion forum that you can take part in. It seems the best way to socialize and form guilds. Friends of the same guild can help each other to get ahead in the game. There are also some fun mini games that you can play with them.

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Whyville is an educational virtual world aimed at ages 8–15. It's also a good place to chat with friends. Additionally there's an active discussion forum.

You use "clams", the money in Whyville, to buy furniture and other enhancements for your character. Clams are earned by being active and contributing to the community.

Whyville has its own newspaper called The Whyville Times which is published once a week. If you send in a great article you might get clams for it.

You can create items such as body parts by using the simple drawing feature. You use the items yourself or sell them to others.

Whyville is played on your web browser.

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SecretBuilders is a free virtual world for ages 5–14.

Chat between players is done by typing and is shown in speech bubbles. You can add friends to your buddy list by clicking on their avatar.

Each area have unique features, games and activities. You can quickly teleport from one land to another by using the world map.

The money in SecretBuilders is called shills. You get more by completing questionnaires, taking part in contests, playing games and completing quests (you also get a useful item from every completed quest). So if you're active in the world, you get more shills. With shills you can buy furniture, spells and pets to keep among other things.

Games can be played solo or with other players. There are four game types: puzzle, action, activity and multiplayer games. All categories have a large selection of great games.

You get to have your own home and make it to look the way you want. Friends can visit and you can hang out in their homes, too.

SecretBuilders has its own magazine called the Crooked Pencil. You can submit your own poems, reviews, jokes and other useful articles.

Unfortunately too much of the in-game talk is about people asking for likes. The more people have likes the more popular they think they are. SecretBuilders might not be ideal for children looking to meet new people. The games and quests however are fantastic.

SecretBuilders is played on your web browser.

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